Hong Kong Custom Tailors NYC – The best Custom Tailors in Midtown NYC providing custom tailored clothing at affordable prices.

We, at Hong Kong Custom Tailors have more than 40 years of experience in custom tailoring and styling. Perfect fitting custom clothing made from Premium International fabrics from world renowned brands at highly affordable prices is what you get at Hong Kong Custom Tailors

For your Custom Suits in NYC,  we use premium international fabrics from brands like Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Ermenegildo Zegna etc. All our custom suits are full canvas construction crafted to the best of suit making standards. If you are looking for a custom suit in NYC, call us to get the best suits at most affordable prices.

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Our Manhattan Tailor Shop is well-known for custom tailored clothing in whole on NYC. We product the highest quality custom tailored clothing in NYC at the most affordable prices.

Custom Suit: Perfect fitting custom suits from the best fabrics in the world at the most affordable prices in NYC.

At our hongkong custom tailor shop in NYC, we give you nothing but the best. Your custom suit is crafted from fabrics from world famous brands like Dormeuil, Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry.  Thousand of fabrics to choose from, the latest collection from all well known brands complimented with more than 40 years of our tailoring and styling experience in NYC ensures that you the best perfect suit you deserve.

Our custom tailored suits are: Premium, Perfectly crafted to your requirements, 100% custom, handcrafted, comfortable and affordable.

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Custom Tailored Dress Shirts: Perfectly tailored dress shirts from world renowned cotton fabrics for a comfortable day.

Crafted to your unique requirements each custom tailored shirt from our hong kong tailor shop is unique. Premium Custom shirts from brands like Alumo, Thomas Mason and more. Choose from a selection of thousands of fabrics from our latest fabrics collection

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Custom Tailored Tuxedos: Premium Wedding Tuxedos, Perfect Styling advice from authentic English Fabrics. Special pricing available. Free style and alterations for life.

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Custom Tailored Blazers: Looking for a perfect blazer? Visit our Manhattan hongkong tailor shop for a blazer hand crafted for you. Perfect fit guarantee with an affordable price tag. Premium fabric brands, world renowned blazer buttons and a luxury crafted blazer is what you get at our hong kong tailor shop.

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Custom Tailored Overcoats: 100% pure cashmere overcoats with an affordable price tag. Perfect fit guarantee. Crafted personally for you – to ensure all your personal requirements are built in your overcoat. Delivered in 3 weeks or less. Free Styling advice from the best tailors in NYC

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Custom Tailored Slacks: You feel comfortable when you wear a pant tailored for you. Try out custom tailored slacks from hongkongcustomtailors and you’d not buy an off-the-rack pant again. Our custom tailored slacks are crafted for your needs from world’s best cotton fabrics for a comfortable day. Where on a business day or on a holiday, our custom tailored pants are your companion.

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Women’s custom suits: We provide the best custom suit’s for women in NYC. Perfect fitting custom suits from the best fabrics in the world at affordable prices for women in NYC. Visit us once and you’d be glad you did. A perfect fitting premium tailored suit not only fits perfectly but boosts your confidence and ensures a comfortable day.

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Custom Clothing Prices

La Rukico Custom Tailors provides premium branded custom clothing at most affordable prices in NYC.

Custom Suit Fabric Regular Custom Made Suit Price HongKong Tailor Custom Suit Price
Custom Tailored Suits $1995 – $2995 $995 – $1495
Custom Tailored Dress Shirts $250-$395 $125
Bespoke Tuxedos $2995 – $3295 $1195 – $1595
Bespoke Blazers & Sports Coats $995 – 1595 $895 – 1195
Custom Tailored Pants $595 – $795 $395 – $595
Custom Cashmere Overcoat $2795 $1595
Our Signature Amadeus Collection $2995 $1195
Our custom tailored suits are full custom & hand crafted
Premium Wold’s best genuine Italian and English Cotton fabrics
Shirt materials are crafted in Switzerland & Italy
Perfect Fit Guarantee
Free alterations for one full year on all our custom tailored clothing
We will provide a full description of your measurements, style specifications, brand authenticity in advance

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